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Positive Behavior Interventions & Support

"Puma Pride"

There are three main components of PBIS.  The first is teaching and emphasizing our core values of:  Community, Others, Property and Self.  This includes the hallways, cafeteria, bathrooms, classrooms, playground, media center and bus.  As you walk through our building you will notice signs that define our core values.

The second component is an incentive system to reward students for meeting and exceeding the “Puma Pride” expectations which have been previously modeled and taught.  Students earn “Puma Paws” for demonstrating “Puma Pride” across various school settings.  Rewards may include:

  • Individual: Student of the Week and Principal’s Chair;
  • Classroom: Keeper of “Pylo”, the Golden Vacuum, the Golden Lunch Tray;
  • School-wide: Celebrations are held when we have met our school-wide goals for demonstrating positive behavior.

The final component of PBIS is informing all staff and students about behavior expectations.  Our staff has developed school-wide “Puma Pride” behavior guidelines for helping students make appropriate behavioral choices.  We believe that consistency throughout the school is a key part in maintaining a positive school environment.

Puma Pride Overview
Puma Pride Behavior Guidelines
PBIS Brochure

Puma Pride